Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello blog world!
Those of you who know me may be wondering what's this all about? Well....good question. I've had a few friends suggest that I should blog since they find it interesting and thought that perhaps I would as well. I tried this before, but that was more out of a job requirement actually. I'm a high school Spanish teacher and we were encouraged to create blogs so students can apply/use technology that they already use, but for educational purposes. I actually enjoyed the process, who knows if they did or even learned anything from it (hope so!).

So....why am I doing this and what's up with the title of this blog? First things first-I'm doing this because there is a certain element lacking in my life right now and perhaps this may fill that void. You see, for the 9 years that I've been an educator I've been blessed to teach in Catholic High Schools, thus the topics of God and Religion were permitted to be spoken about and in fact, encouraged. I'm currently teaching public school where no such thing is permitted or tolerated (obviously). Oh yeah,, God and religion are all of utmost importance to me and thus the ability to express and share this in my work environment which I've been so accustomed to is no longer the case. The transition has been a difficult one and how I got here is an even longer story. So, go ahead and give me the 2-3 minutes it takes you to read this and just maybe it may aide me in filling a certain gap.

Now-what's with the title? Anybody who really knows me, knows that one of my absolute favorite saints is none other than the most recent Doctor of the Church, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. I've always had a strong attraction and devotion to her and to this day, still do. Her autobiography which she wrote only out of obedience is entitled "Story of a Soul." I LOVE this book and read it 2 or 3 times a year easily. Saint Therese may seem pious with her flowery language, but she is the real deal for those who grasp the spiritual life (I don't profess to grasp it perfectly, just struggle along). For me, I don't mind the flowery language, in fact, I adore it. I think we are too harsh in our language today and perhaps could approach each other more reverently. So why is she my "fave?" Well, it is what we have in common that draws me to her (insert jokes here-not!) She lost her mother at an early age, clung to her father and sisters and defied all "rules" and entered a Carmelite Monastery. Although my parents have not died in the physical sense, I've lost them both at an early age and my childhood memories of them a far and few. I clung to my grandmother, aunt, brother and family much like she did. (It wasn't until the 8th grade or so that I began to look to God and my faith for guidance.) I didn't defy rules, but I did enter a Franciscan Order at the age of 18, which is nearly unheard of today, and most communities don't accept anyone at that age. So in some way I thought our lives had some similarities and as a young religious often identified with her and her life.

I'm sure I'm boring you (if you've made it this far), look for more rants, raves, trials, experiences, laughs, joys, sorrows and so on in the future.
Feel free to comment, question, wonder, but please be respectful of each other.

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  1. O.k.... so you pulled me away from studying for my "Mary in Sacred Scripture" midterm exam only to tease me! What gives? um.. hello... finish it, I fell into reading this like a cookie in milk..o.k. bad analogy, but I'm totally burnt right now... last night of studying for midterms! Oh God Come to My Assistance!!!