Saturday, March 7, 2009

Iced Coffee

It is funny how regimented I am regarding my weekly routines and even rituals. Not like you care, but M-F I drink tea while doing my morning devotions, getting ready and such. Like most, I'm addicted to some sort of caffeine. However, I "treat" myself to coffee on Saturdays and Sundays from either Dunkin' Donuts or Java House (a local place that roasts its own coffee) both places have great coffee. I will drink Starbucks, but not a huge fan. Behind me in line this morning a woman orders and I quote, "can I get an iced coffee, but not iced, more like cool, ya know, cuz it is not that hot out[side] yet." My human instinct was to turn around and ask her if she thought the barista could perhaps even change the coffee into wine, "ya know later in the evening," just for her convenience. Oh and there were at least 6 people behind her in line. Of course, I would never say what I wanted to, but it did lead me to some thoughts, many thoughts actually.
It seems we expect so much since we can do so much these days, especially here in the USA where whatever we may want we can get NOW, although who knows this may be changing as I type due to our failing economy, which in the long run might prove to be a blessing to our country. The ability for us to do the extraordinary, to do the miraculous even is a question all of us should ponder more often. What I mean by this, is just because we "can" do it, should we really? Of course I'm not speaking about making an iced coffee or even a "cool" coffee; however, I'm speaking about much more serious matters. Matters I'm not sure any of us really care about and if we did, why do we sit back and not do anything about it. I ask forgiveness what may seem like negativity or what may come across as harsh from this point on.
As a practicing Catholic I have such a hard time trying to grasp the concept of abortion. What's even more difficult for me to understand is how do we, a Christian nation, allow such crimes against humanity (and against God) to persist? The argument of when the cells are actually considered human is to me an absolute absurdity-why? Well, no matter what, those cells will ALWAYS produce the same outcome-a child, a gift. So how is it that a Christian nation allows the taking of innocent life? I'd venture to say the majority of our nation believes that killing an innocent criminal is wrong. It is in our nature, as humans, to know that killing is wrong. This is not a Christian principle, this is a universal human truth. What is even more profound and frankly, disheartening is to see such public "practicing" Catholics flat out deny the Church's fundamental teaching that abortion is a morally wrong and yes, folks, evil. Another term we don't use nor hear much, "evil." I wonder if the mothers of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Kathleen Selibus (all "practicing" Catholics) ever considered aborting them, even if it were lawful then. Could it be that we as a nation and a people have moved so far away from God that we can no longer distinguish between what is right and wrong? Or is it that we are guilty of the first sin, wanting to become God and therefore we name what is good and what is bad. Perhaps it is a bit of both, we seem to know what is better and right for us and the hell to any Divine Revelation-that's stuff third world countries believe in. If you can't show it to me, if I can't touch it, then it isn't real-it doesn't exist. If only we truly understood the immense power that a husband and wife had, to create something out of nothing, then maybe we would think differently. We would then understand how much we ARE in fact made in the image and likeness of God, not gods, but made/created in His image, with His attributes. To me this is mind-blowing.
I have two women in my life (I will not reveal their relationships to me for their protection) who have both confessed to me that in total they have each had three abortions at one point in their lives. One is Catholic, the other is of a Protestant denomination. The abortions happened as late as 25 years ago to up to as early as 10 years ago. The pain and immense loss is so evident by the way these women lead their lives. Also, the Protestant one brings it up at least 3-4 times a year and tries to brush it off, but in truth, she can't and she can't grasp yet that it has caused her so much pain. She needs healing, she needs God's forgiveness in a very real way. Abortion is destruction, period. There is nothing good about it. It kills a child, it emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually leaves the mother wounded for life and even effects the core of society in a very negative way. Abortion goes not only against the Law of God, but on a very human level, it goes against Natural Law. It defies human logic, but yet it persists and in a very real way is going to soon be available in almost every clinic and hospital if Obama gets his way. We as Catholics, as Christians, as Jews, as Muslims, as agnostics, and even atheists need to wake up, stand up, and see that we are hurting and enslaving ourselves all in the name of freedom and choice.
Can I get an iced/cool coffee NOW!?! Please...

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