Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well after about 4 solid months straight of no cable interruptions my comcast service done had gone up and left me....again. Let me explain. When I moved back to DC in August I purchased Comcast cable and internet for 12 months at a pretty good rate. Well from August until December I've had terrible cable service getting only some of my channels. No joke, they have come to my place to "hit the box" like 12 times. One may be giggling at that last quote, but that seemed to be the magic words since that's exactly what the last comcast guy said back in December. As he checked things out and changed things up he called into "mother comcast," and told her to, "hit this box." It was like a miracle...she hit it alright and all seemed fine until Monday morning. On Sunday evenings I usally watch EWTN until 9pm when the "great hour" of Family Guy and American Dad come on. As usual, I viewed both programs with much glee and joy, at 10 o'clock I watched about 15 minutes of EWTN, turned off the idiot box and went to sleep. The next morning, after doing my morning oblations I attempted to turn on the idiot box and lo'-NOTHING! AGAIN!!! Oh the misery! Oh the frustration! Off to blockbuster I went. Last night was "Slumdog Millionare," highly recommended. Although I was somewhat miffed that not one Missionary of Charity was not "cameoed" somewhere in the background.

According to M & V, I rant too much, so maybe I'll cut this one short and not blabber on about the extreme poverty in India and even in our own backyard, nor, I suppose will I "rant" about all of our excess here, like the other 130 channels I don't watch-could somebody just hit this box!

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